5 Expert Tips for Agile Teams

Being Agile

Here are the 5 relevant tips for agile teams. You can use these valuable insights to create effective, self-organizing Scrum teams. These tips are in no particular order, so feel free to skim down the list and read the ones that are most suitable for you.


Agile Tip # 1: Discipline is the key ingredient in achieving extraordinary results. It brings stability and structure to one’s work or personal life. It takes discipline to attend scrum ceremonies, meet sprint commitments, and continually learn. As Jim Rohn rightly stated, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”


Agile Tip # 2: In Scrum, the entire development team is responsible to ensure that sprint commitments are met. A team member who has completed his assigned tasks should look to assist other team members who need help. The team should practice empathy towards others, learn new skills, and meets their commitments.


Agile Tip # 3: Story points are a relative unit of measure for estimating user stories. A team’s story point estimate should include: 1) the amount of work 2) the complexity of the work 3) any risks or unknowns in doing the work 4) must-have items on your definition of done.


Agile Tip # 4: Split your stories into small stories. Resist the temptation to group items together to avoid the management overhead. Smaller stories flow better through the sprint. Imagine 1,000 marbles working their way down a chute rather than 100 basketballs working their way down the same chute. Smaller stories are easy to estimate and have less variability than large stories.


Agile Tip # 5: Define personas for your product and write persona-based user stories. A persona is a fictional character that you create based on your user research to represent different users that might use your product. Understanding the characteristics, experiences, behaviors, and needs of your personas will help you to write valuable user stories.

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