Many children and adults suffer from low self-esteem. Having nurtured the feelings of self-doubt, they struggle both at work and at home. They don't understand how to build self-confidence. Not only they have fewer friends, but they also lead an unhappy life. Such people struggle with their studies, careers, health, and relationships. Often, they think negative and find faults in others. As a result, they neither trust their own potential nor they see good qualities in others. 

Self-confidence is a mindset that can be mastered like any other skill. Some of the effective ways to build your self-confidence are listed here:


Body Language

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication that exposes one’s feelings, moods, and thoughts. One must be cautious of his or her body language and practice to present himself or herself in a confident manner. Holding your head high, sitting up straight, straightening your back, and maintaining consistent eye contact are some of the gestures that demonstrate self-confidence.



Though obvious and most simple, the regular morning activities such as bathing, shaving, and trimming set a positive mood for the day. One should also remember to wear a deodorant or a perfume.



If you dress nicely, you feel good about yourself. Dress such that you look confident to others. If you want to be a senior executive in your company, dress-up like one. Look in the mirror each morning and ask yourself if you look like other senior executives in the company. When you are dressed nicely, you will act more confident.


Embrace Positivity

Think, speak, and act in a positive way. Have a can-do attitude. Smile, laugh and surround yourself with like-minded positive people. Set aside sometime during each day to read motivational books. Do not feed negativity in your mind. When negative thoughts come to the mind, replace them with positive ones or engage yourself in some activity such as reading a book, listening to music, running, or socializing etc. Declare positive things for yourself. Speak to others in a positive way. Define your success and act in a positive way. This will boost your self-confidence and you’ll soon start to see a difference.


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